Old Paintings Emerge


I went through the attic and dug out some old paintings to hang. Most of them are on loose canvas, pulled from wooden stretchers to re-use the stretcher again. After a while, I rolled them up again, but it was fun to bring out and think about these works painted over ten years ago.

I created this acrylic on canvas painting while in my Shockoe Bottom studio, which was a cheap space without windows and prone to dampness. I had a space to keep messy and no need to clean up, but the paintings reflected the space.
This oil on canvas was huge and created while finishing my my arts degree at VCU. When working in that space, I tended to create oversize work and use oils, since it was an easy space be messy, to clean up, and leave work to dry.
I guess this is another "cave studio" painting. I don't remember, but it is acrylic on artificial canvas. It was never finished, but appreciated the roughness of the work.