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Hello, I’m Paul Goode

I’m a designer and artist that loves visual thinking and helping people unlock their potential through collaboration, shared understanding and building stories together.


Yes, there could be a professional portrait, but I like this. It is real.

Designer. Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with small and large companies. I’ve navigated my way into the field of User Experience. I see myself as a team builder and experience-minded strategist that’s able to flex between short and long term thinking or execution. 

Visual Thinker. At heart I’m an artist that talks and draws. I combine visual and verbal storytelling to help diverse thinking converge. I make the invisible visible and help to surface innovative ideas.

Speaker. Now, they have not been huge crowds, but I’m willing to get in front of people. In the past, I led a small Visual Thinking network in the DFW region, led Service Design sessions and workshops at the Big (D) Design Conference.

Producer. Now, I’ve never had to discipline to learn music, but have dabbled in sound production. From creating physical sound loops using reel-to-reel tapes to full digital workflow, I’ve enjoyed trying to figure out how to do sound production and beat/melody making.

Artist. I’ve shown my work in Richmond and New York City, but that’s a long time ago. Now I dabble in illustration, painting, drawing, video/motion design, animation, character design and simply doodling in sketchbooks. I earned a degree in Painting and Printmaking along the way.

Father and Husband. Living in North Texas, I have an awesome wife and three growing kids. We love it under the big sky of Texas!


By the way… this site was made with a little app called Sparkle. 💥

Paul is an inspiring thinker, motivator, and designer. He encourages the team to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of what’s possible, all through the lens of customer obsession. 

Paul encouraged the team to take the time to do ethnographic research during the season when our customers would be using our product the most. He then brought back his team’s learnings and presented them in a highly visual way that made it easy for everyone to see how our customers were were struggling to accomplish workflow efficiencies in their day to day operations. 

Those learnings have since been used in other parts of the business, as we look to solve for our customers’ top pain points. 

Paul is also a gifted illustrator. He is able to rapidly sketch out and whiteboard ideas so that the whole team can gain clarity and alignment on what is being discussed. Paul is an excellent designer and teammate, and I would recommend him for any design position.

Brittany Sumarsono

Senior Product Designer at Intuit

Paul is a mad genius of design. Like James Bond's Q, he's able to quickly and intuitively understand the needs of a product's design and begin putting it together immediately while you watch.  

As a researcher, I can think of no better designer that I'd want with me in situations where fast iterative designing is required without a loss of detail or robust design principles.

Rick Holden

Senior UX Researcher at Tax Act

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