In 2012, I started to enjoy writing out scriptures and other uplifting notes. I was creating these in large notebooks and small notebooks, or on index cards. But to tackle something bigger, I created this bigger mashup of Psalms 84, plus some other bits. Translations include NIV, NLT, and "Psalms: Poetry on Fire" (The Passion Translation). It was 18" x 24" – a big page to work with.

It is filled with meticulous lettering, colorful moments, and abstract transitions. It was fun to make, but risky. At any moment, it felt like the whole thing would fall apart or I would misspell something along the way. The feeling gets more intense after building it out more than halfway. Trying to find my way to "done" is a journey.

Previously, I experimented with digital painting to giclée print, but now I needed to make a reproduction. I would have to invest in scanning the work, then a print could be made from that file. This was a big piece of work. American Litho had a gigantic top-down scanner and willing to give me a discount on my first scan, but it was still expensive.

After some research, I visited Orisons in McKinney. They could use a giant flatbed scanner. The work was larger than the scanner, but they would reassemble it into a single digital image. The investment would be much less, so I tried it out.


"Pslams 84" ink on paper, 2012

The results of the scan were nearly identical to the original. Overall, it looked pretty good! 

I could not afford getting it all done at American Litho at the time, but seems like it would be worthwhile to invest in their process. Their equipment and set up was exceptional. Still the results of this printer were legit and just about identical to the original.