We go way back...

I started out in Richmond, Virginia. That's where most of the growing up happened, plus I picked up an art degree at Virginia Commonwealth University. The focus was painting and printmaking, but spent a while in sculpture as well. I hold the art school experience dear, but never knew what to do with it. In fact, it took me 12 years to finally get through it, with a lot of exploration and driving around the states in between.

In 2000, I graduated and transitioned from an arty-food-service worker and started my design journey through start ups, non profit, legal, radio, consulting, small orgs, big orgs, mobile focus, and finance. It took a long time for user experience to show up as a line of work.

I've watched the design job become more defined over time. Started out doing a little bit of print and web. Eventually found myself deeper in focused work, like mobile design, and agile methods of delivery (which is fascinating stuff).

As a designer, I'm still a work in progress, but glad to have worked with more-and-more excellent coders and teams over time.

As an artist, that's still a work in progress. There have been starts and stops along the way, but some kind of creative force flows through everything. My role as an artist, whatever that is, has been the most elusive role to figure out, but each year it remains the most fascinating thing.

I have abandoned art over and over, but the "ideal" has never abandoned me. That ideal can show up in something as sweet and small as a little doodle or a drippy painting. Creativity is always calling me back home to art.

I'm fascinated by many forms of art making and theory, but comfortable with the little sketchy things my hands can make. I'm fine with the little things as well as the big & complex.

– Jan 23, 2018